1. GroupProducer helps your staff build tour groups in an organized & professional fashion.
  2. Track the progress of numerous projects & "clone" departed groups for reuse.
  3. Centralise itinerary & pricing details for quality control.
  4. Assemble proposals quickly so that you can respond to group leader requests or market opportunities.
  5. Why re-invent the wheel? Have a permanent database of your tours so you don't have to wonder "Where is that info?" or "How did we do that?"
  6. Make fliers for immediate publication with laser printer & if printing professionally, minimize art charges by expensive graphic designers.
  7. TourGroupList publishes fliers on your group tours to the web with just 1 click!
  8. Why struggle along with tour group technology that's not been improved in decades?
  9. Reduce the chance for errors that get magnified by the size of the group.
  10. Work together where ever there's a connection to the internet.

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Overwhelmed by paper? Get organized, get GroupProducer.
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