Top 10 Features:

  1. Program will be available on the web so you can work at your desk, via a wireless laptop or at home... it Prices, Proposes & makes Fliers for your tour groups.
  2. Multiple employees can access your tours at once.
  3. Cost is a moderate monthly amount, no 'upfront' payment or long-term committment.
  4. Option to upload tours' e-fliers to the web automatically with no "HTML" programming or training. Click a button and works as your salesperson 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year! (All year for less than the cost of 1 week's payroll for a minimum-wage employee.)
  5. You will find it easier to sell your group tours (and save postage), when you talk to a customer on the phone and ask "do you have a computer handy?" If they say yes, you need not mail a flier, just direct them to the tour's webpage and close the sale!
  6. Your email marketing can reference specific trips with a handy hyperlink.
  7. Customers can book from TourGroupList via the web using a secure process!
  8. The "pro" in TourGroupPro stands for increased Professionalism, Productivity and thus Profit.
  9. GroupProducer prices the tour, makes the proposal, makes the flier & TourGroupList takes the booking!
  10. Best of all when it's easier and more profitable, booking groups is more FUN!

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