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Keep Doing What You Have Always Done...
GroupProducer helps you with a systematic approach
...getting what you've always got! Concentrate on creation and let the program handle the routine details.
One person is the bottleneck. And I think it's you. (I've been there.) Make it easier to collaborate; see what's been done & what's needed.
Magnify errors. X mistake x 50 Pax = 50X. Let the system do the math for you and avoid errors.
Copy a trip for a new date & manually correct day of the week, dates etc. ...and you still go to print with embarassing errors? Let the system automatically correct all of these day/date issues.
Miss getting a proposal to a leader or organization in time. Get to market faster and get the sale.
Taking extra time to fine tune the format of fliers. Let the system handle the fussy details and make your tour information easier to find.
Take work home and what you need is still at work. You can finish up at home or on the road because GroupProducer is web-based and you can sign in from anywhere.
Each year, hire a minimum wage employee for 2 weeks--but how does that help enough? Or spend less than this for a whole year and have GroupProducer working with your staff 24/7! (Selling tours on the web while you sleep, with TourGroupList!)

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