We've stuffed the program with features to
help you produce Tour Groups more easily!

Here is a how GroupProducer looks (screen layout will change while we redevelop for the web):


Optional Module that works with GroupProducer

TourGroupList is the module that automatially creates a webpage "index page" for your group tours' webpages! However, we understand that some subscribers will only desire GroupProducer and not want webpages for their group tours. So we offer TourGroupList.com as an optional add-on. Otherwise everyone would be paying for a feature that only some want.

Anyone can add this feature at any time. Even if you don't need for the public to have access to your tours, think of how convenient it would be for each of your staff had immediate access to all your tours?! Here are the features:

    1. Option to upload tours' e-fliers to the web automatically with no "HTML" programming or training needed.
    2. When your tour is ready, just click 1 button and TourGroupList.com works as your salesman 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year! That's all year for less than the cost of 1 week's payroll for a minimum-wage employee.
    3. You will find it easier to sell (and save a ton of postage), when you talk to a customer on the phone and ask "do you have a computer handy?" Most will say yes, and you will need not mail a flier, just direct them to the tour's webpage and close the sale!
    4. Your email marketing can reference specific trips via a handy, clickable "hyperlink".
    5. Customers can book from TourGroupList.com via the web and a secure process. You can make money while you sleep!

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