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Bill Owen is the founder of TourGroupPro. He's in his 35th year developing group tours and automation for professionalism, productivity and profit. A 1992 American Express Hall of Fame representative and co-owner of Franklin Travel from 1974-2003, he is re-engineering programs he's developed since the 1980's as web products available on a modest subscription basis to help travel agents, independent contractors, banks, churches, schools, alumni, associations and corporate travel departments develop more group tours, more easily.

You access our programs through the web on the business model of "Software As A Service" which was recently touted as the ideal way to equip your staff by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's February 2007 Tech Tools column. Many organizations are frustrated by large upfront cost for their software programs and expensive annual updates. Instead with "Software As A Service" you have these advantages:

  • You can try our software first and discontinue at any time
  • No complicated program to install, that might require special configuration for your operating system
  • Your data and tour fliers are "backed up" by our servers automatically

Producing tour groups' pricing, proposals to leaders and their fliers is purpose of GroupProducer.

And for those who want to "publish" their tour fliers on the web with just 1 click, we have an optional program TourGroupList which does just that. You don't need to know "HTML" or "FTP"... just click 1 box!


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Bill Owen & wife, Pat, have led tours around the world. He is a Rotary member, has 1 daughter & is owned by numerous pets.
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