Bruce's Nice Terrain Tables

June 2, 2014 12:57 My terrain is much simpler than Bruce's featured below. My emphasis is on flexibility rather than diorama-like beauty. I use a "European Fields" Hotz Mat over styrofoam contours. You can see a play-by-play of a game using this terrain in a pdf (30 mini-pages) found at my GB page.

August 24, 2013 added a pdf (9 mini-pages) explaining how Bruce makes his nice terrain: "The Kissingen Terrain Board: Making a 6mm Miniature Battlefield" from photos and description he posted on the 3mm_miniatures Yahoo group August 21. (There is also a Yahoo group for Great Battles.)

July 17, 2012, I 'met' Bruce on 3mm Scale Yahoo group when responding to his request for recommendations of a company-per-stand division oriented WWII rules for tiny scaled (1:285 - 1:600) games. My suggestion was Great Battles of World War II, by Bruce McFarlane (who also designed Divisonal Commander with battalion-per-stand but is too much like a boardgame to me).

I have a webpage for GBoWWII aids that I produced and the games 2 printed volumes (Western Europe plus Drop Zone: Crete, Malta & Market Garden) are still in print plus a 3rd PDF version is available for France '40. The links for the rules-only or the rules/scenarios are my page (plus some free scenarios for Russia etc.) The main appeal of the rules is the ability to play multi-day larger actions ...which is what some of us who also like Command Decision: Test of Battle (a different scaled game with 1 stand=platoon) seem to trend towards but big CD battles take too long. I am beginning to gravitate back to GB or maybe with a few CD features added to GB.

I have also trended towards putting more into terrain than miniatures, and since I liked his terrain tables so much I wanted to make a page to showcase them. - Game Design

Here's something about him: "I'm Bruce Weigle, and the board and games run on them were all done for and using my rules on mid-19th century European warfare: 1859, 1866 & 1870 ( All the boards are 1:4000 scale (1 inch = 100m), based on modern topographical and contemporary maps, and I visited them all before I attempted to replicate them in miniature. The 6mm figures are all by Heroics & Ros, but I made all the building and trees, etc."

Als five small- The Prussian amphibious assault on the Danish island of Als, in June 1864 (Second Schleswig War)

Als five small+

Approaching MagentaVV - The converging French attack on Austrian-held Magenta, June 1859 (Second Italian War of Independence)

Approaching MagentaVV

C-47 & CG-4A - The arrival of the second serial of the 194nd Glider Infantry Regt near Wesel, March 1945 (Operation VARSITY)

C-47 & CG-4A

C47 Varsity 3 - Ditto, capture of bridges across the Issel River (this is actually the Magenta board re-configured as Germany)

C47 Varsity 3

Champigny - French attack across the Marne River at Champigny in December 1870 (one of their attempts to break the German siege of Paris, Franco-Prussian War)


G Lsalza frm W - The Prussians are overwhelmed by the Hanoverians at Langensalza, June 1866 (Austro-Prussian War)

G Lsalza frm W

Illo 2 - Italians and Austrians collide at Custoza, June 1866 (this was for an article for Dadi&Piombo Magazine on this Third Italian War of Independence battle)

Illo 2Illo 101 Gitschin board - The Austro-Saxon counter-attack against the Prussians at Gitschen, June 1866 (APW)

Illo 101 Gitschin board

Le Mans 3 - The last battle of the Army of the Loire at Le Mans, January 1871 (FPW)

Le Mans 3+Magenta at Cold Wars 04 - Running Magenta at Cold Wars, 2004. I also had to make the flag, since I couldn't buy one.

Magenta at Cold Wars 04

Medole Plain from north - Fighting between French and Austrians in the Medole Plain, south of Solferino, June 1859 (the cotton marks the progress of the attack on high ground near Solferino, which was not played in this scenario (SIWI)

Medole Plain from north

Overselk closeup -The Danish outposts at Overselk, in front of the Danes' Dannevirke main defense line (redoubts seen in background) February 1864; SSW)

Overselk closeupPalestro small30 - Austrian attack on Piedmontese-held Palestro, June 1859 ...lots of rice paddies and canals in this one (SIWI)

Palestro small30PalestroS - Ditto, view across the rain-swollen Sesia River; note charge by the French 3rd Zouave Regt, foreground

PalestroSSan Martino 2 - First attempts by the Piedmontese to storm the San Martino position, held by elements of the Austrian 8th Corps, June 1859 (SIWI)

San Martino 2

Skalitz 2 - The Skalitz board reconfigured as 1944 Normandy; each stand = 1 squad

Skalitz 2

Skalitz Turn One positions- The same board as originally built, for the June 1866 Battle of Skalitz (Austrian VIII Corps vs Prussian V Corps, APW)

Skalitz Turn One positionsSolf 2nd Corps - Just a part of the enormous Battle of Solferino, June 1859 (SIWI)

Solf 2nd CorpsWorth 5 - A rainy, overcast day in Alsace: the Prussians and Bavarians surge uphill against the French defenses at Worth, August 1870 (FPW)

Worth 5