Where we lived in Belize

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San Ignacio, Cayo 2011-2013

Location: in the Cayo District near Guatemalan border on the Western Highway. We lived near the top of a windy hill amongst a few dozen other houses in an area called Maya Vista.

We rented the former prime minister's house for $600/month US, 44 Maya Vista Terrace, Cayo District; November 14, 2011-October 7, 2013. The house and the one next to it had been built for the US engineers of a nearby dam.

The neighbors kindly put us up for 2 weeks while our container was coming down by boat. And showed us around. Taking just over 6 weeks, the container arrived on December 30 (when we drove to Belize City to get the car) and they delivered it on New Year's Eve.

Bangalore, India

During our time in Belize, for medical tourism: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott, November 23-24 & December 16-17; Dubai Airport November 24 & December 16; Apollo Hospital & adjacent Blue Jay Hotel; November 25-December 16, 2012

During the summer of 2012, we took a day trip into Guatemala and some great steaks at a lakeside restaurant in Flores. Not far from there is Tikal but that would have involved a longer visit.

We left Belize mid-day October 7 and flew via Salvador, El Salvador and Lima, Peru overnight arriving in Uruguay the early morning of October 8 2013.



NW Mountain View from our upper porch. Ex-pat Brit's house at lower right.



My desk with east view over steps to upper porch where our 4-legged volunteer security coordinators hung out most of time. Note barr windows and Welsh flag.


Bear footstool in our living room



FJ Cruiser that we had shipped from Decatur brand new. Parked at Brodies supermarket in Belize City's Northrn Highway. (Caribbean in the background.)



Moon rising in the east over the empty field next to our house and Cahal Pech Lodge.



Hand-cranked ferry to Xunatunich, Mayan Ruins about 6 miles west of town and a 1-2 miles from the Guatemalan border.



View from the top of the tallest pyramid at Xunatunich where you here howler monkeys in the jungle nearby


Bill petting an Iguana at the Rescue operation at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel


Bill holding a pile of Iguanas. If you want they will plant them all over you and you end up looking like an Iguana-festooned Christmas tree


Leopard at Belize Zoo (halfway between Belize City and San Ignacio). It's a nice zoo for such a small country.


Tapirs here were around long before Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen fantasized about them.



Flowers everywhere. Stick anything in the ground and it grows. Of course some of the ground is limestone marl so it's are to stick into some of the ground!


Back at our house. Dining area, looking to west


Living Room. In total about 1300 square feet plus gated porch and laundry room.


Stairs to 3 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms Upstairs


North view, Jamaican Lime Tree at right (adjacent porch) and Tangerine tree at NE corner of our lot


Brutus, head security officer


Bella, the eager trainee


House viewed from NE. One parks under upper floor. Getting up our rugged steep road was a reason for the 4-wheel drive but we never needed to resort to that with the FJ because it could handle it in 2-wheel drive.


House viewed from North showing car park under house and porch


House viewed from the South and Maya Vista Terrace. We had an orange May Flowers tree.


Community Babboon Sanctuary is a case where they convinced mammals of both types to get along because it brings in tourist dollars


Daily market where we'd get fresh veggies like 10 bananas for 50 cents US



Mountain Pine Ridge's 1000 Foot Falls with Belize understatement is actually higher. A rough road to get there discourages tourists now and the guy who watches the place said he probably won't see anyone else for weeks. He seemed to eager to show us around.




View of San Ignacio & Spanish Lookout from Mountain Pine Ridge


After some coaxing (of the driver, not the car) we made it through the giant 100' long puddle with ease; here we did need the 4-wheel drive.


More flowers. They thrive in the heat and rain. Heat and rain. But sometimes just heat. Heat and humidity. Or for a few months heat and dust. Mostly 90-100° during the day and relief of 75-80 at night. Then a few months come along in "winter" and we actually put pants on because it chills into the 70's during the day and 60's (or even 50's at night!)



The river was so high that the low bridge of San Ignacio was covered with water in the deluges right after we left in 2013.




The high, suspension Hawksworth bridge from 1949 in a spectacular view by Cariddi an excellent wedding & nature photographer, Phone +501 620-2975 jonathancariddi@gmail.com


Rosa's, on the way to Spanish Lookout. One of our favorite lunch haunts where we'd eat for about $3-6 between us.



Hummingbirds at the Butterfly House


You can see right through me Butterflies




Butterfly Eye




Belize Botanical Garden


Belize Botanical Garden


Belize Flag's latin motto, Sub Umbra Floreo, Under the shade, flourish



Our neighborhood watch group helped another area pick up some trash


The are in brown is claimed by Guatemala


A view of San Ignacio from the countryside from our March 2011 exploratory trip


We visited Caye Caulker in the summer of 2012. But there's one thing you need to know about the beaches.


We first arrived in Belize the fall of 2011 and stayed 2 years, that time. We hope to visit regularly.